Staff training in any business is a fundamental building block to ensure customer satisfaction. A business will benefit from having professionally trained employees, who can deliver high quality customer service, which leads to an increase of turnover and profitability. Training promotes job satisfaction, buys loyalty and motivates employees to go the extra mile, as they will feel valued. The Francois Ferreira Academy realise the importance of training and assist the hospitality sector to improve the overall quality of customer service within the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

We offer a variety of courses to accommodate and enhance both Front and Back of House in the hospitality industry. The duration of the courses differ depending on the content. Assistant Chef, Assistant Housekeeper and Table Attendant range between 3 and 8 months and will result in employees receiving a CATHSSETA qualification. A qualification equips an employee to carry out their job functions with competence and confidence. Shorter courses are also available like Customer Care, Wine Service and South African Wine courses. The short courses are normally completed within a few days and can be arranged at the convenience of the employer.

For more information on any courses, please contact Donia at or 044 884 0765.