He is often better known as South Africa’s own food evangelist with his contemporary and quirky approach to South Africa’s rich and diverse food culture.

He has worked in several restaurants which included beeing the executive chef at Die Werf restaurant and Talk of the Town in Pretoria. He was also the manager and part owner of Clarence Manor Guesthouse in Fresney

He trained as a chef in the Air Force and lectured at the Air Force Cookery School in Valhalla. He worked on ad hoc basis in the household of President P W Botha, and was appointed to the Office of President Botha in 1988. Later he was seconded to the household of Louis.Pienaar, the Administrator General of SWA/Namibia. After the independence of Namibia, he returned to South Africa as household manager of President FW de Klerk and was later promoted to Comptroller of the Household of the State President of South Africa – a position he held until he left the service in 1994.

He is a regular face at festival and events, is a sought after public speaker, consults restaurants on various levels. He has a regular radio slot on RSG as the Glanskok in Huiskok/Glanskok. Apart from acting in his own shows, he has made his TV acting début in the Kyknet soapie ‘Villa Rosa, some time ago, and has acquired too many awards to mention.

He is an award winning author his first book Home Cooking / Kuierkos, was a category winner in the prestigious Gourmand Cookbook Awards for the best, easy reading cookbook in a foreign language (Afrikaans). His third book Occasions / Okkasies is also a Gourmand Cookbook awards catorgory winner at presand is at present available in the bookstores.

Francois, taught at the South Cape College in Oudtshoorn for several years and started the Eden School of Culinary Art in 2003. He is a qualified assessor. He was appointed the Bailli Délégué (Executive Officer) of the Chaine de Rotisseurs in South Africa in 2010. Needless to say: he has an incredibly hard working ethic, apart from a passion for the School and well trained disciplined, good chefs.

His house is his private kingdom where he enjoys entertaining his inner circle of friends. His two dogs and two cats are very close to his heart, especially Adam the English Pointer. For relaxation he reads, takes Spanish dancing classes, and practices his ballroom dancing steps.