On the 18th of February, approximately 250 students and guests gathered in the hall of the Carpe Diem School in George, to attend the Graduation Ceremony of our students. Peter Van Rensburg, the Master of Ceremonies, welcomed everyone, and Elsie Harmse the CEO of Africa Skills Village, who was the Guest Speaker, spoke about the importance of embracing and accepting change in life, which motivated the students and filled them with passion and excitement for the bright future that awaits them.

There were 30 Assistant Chefs who were called to the stage to receive their well deserved certificates for the Skills Programme they completed was presented by Chef Francois Ferreira himself. The first years received their Certificates in Food Preparation and Cooking. Next in line were the second year  Diploma students  in Food Preparation and Cooking and  Diploma in Patisserie. For the first time the Advanced Diploma in supervisory services was presented in 2018 and this first group of 4 accomplished 3 Distinctions and 1 Merit.

There were a few students that stood out who we would like to congratulate. LG Coetzee was awarded the Anne Hadley-Lombard Trophy for Academic Excellence. Nicole Kaboni was awarded Chef Student of the Year and the Chaine des Rotisseurs Trophy for Best Business Project. Jody McKay received Best Student in Cooking, while Best Student in Baking was awarded to Zander Botha. The award for the Best Student in Cake Decorating was received by Juanree Barkley and last but not least, Bianca de Meyer received an award for the Best First Year Student of the Year. It was a very special moment when Chef Anne-Marie Ferreira was given the National Merit Award of the Chaine des Rotisseurs, to show appreciation for all her hard work, dedication and phenomenal skills.

The celebrations then moved to the Francois Ferreira Academy, where the kitchen was filled with mouth watering smells and sights of colourful food and drinks that had been prepared by the first year students, who then served the food to guests.

A big thanks you to all who attended the wonderful evening. We are very proud of each and every student. In Chef Francois Ferreira’s words… “we don’t say goodbye, we say see you later”