This exciting initiative started last year, when the Garden Route Mall decided to put together a recipe book, not just any recipe book, but one generated by the community for the community. The Mall asked the public to contribute their best recipes for consideration. A team of experts, including our very own Chef Francois Ferreira, were carefully selected to choose 50 of the most creative and innovative recipes to publish in  the recipe book.  Chef Francois was also appointed as brand ambassador for the recipe book due to his years of experience of running the Household for 3 State Presidents, and being Principal of the Francois Ferreira Academy. This week, Chef Francois and the Academy’s first year students went behind the scenes to create each of the 50 chosen recipes. Each prepared dish was styled and plated to artistic precision for photographer, Melanie Marais, who was responsible for ensuring photos of the highest quality.

We are all very excited to see the final product which will be launched later this year. So, watch this space!!!